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Our Story

The Moggery is a one-of-a-kind cat shelter & rehoming centre based in Bishopston, Bristol. Opened in 1997 by Christine Bayka, the charity is run from Christine’s former home and is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Christine and her dedicated team work tirelessly to rehome approximately 250 cats per year, and also provide neutering services within the community.

We are 100% donations-funded.

Our Mission

The Moggery aims to provide an all-round solution for local cat problems. This may involve actions as diverse as finding a new home for the loved pet of an elderly local resident entering a nursing home, trapping and neutering a feral colony, bottle feeding abandoned kittens, or caring for the many cats left behind by tenants each year in the Bristol area.

Our Services

  • Rehoming.
  • Neutering Assistance.
  • Educational Talks.

Our Outcomes

  • Approximately 4,500 cats rehomed since 1997.
  • Thousands of unwanted births prevented through spaying & neutering services.

Our Technology Donors