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Lizzie and her babies — 8 Weeks — Mum kittens 2 females and 4 males

Temperament: Very friendly

Lizzie and her babies's story

Mum Lizzie and 8 week old kittens Obi (M) Butternut (F) Neep (F) Spud, Bol Choi and Pepper(Ms) are all ready for adoption. They need to be adopted in pairs and mum on her own. Obi is our smallest kitten. He is very lovable and spends a lot of time sleeping on laps, especially after play time!
Bok choi is very bold and outgoing. He loves playing with toys and messig about with his siblings.
Spud is inquisitive! He will play with anything that moves. His favourite place to be is in a window, keeping an eye on everything that’s going on or sleeping, stretched out in the sun.
Pepper and Obi get along soo well and spend a great deal of time napping or playing with each other. Peppers’ favourite toy is an empty box that he can dive in and out of!
Butternut will never hesitate to climb up onto your lap, whether it’s for a snuggle or to play. She is such a sweetheart!
Neep is usually the first of the kittens to explore new toys and surroundings. She has a very bold, curious personality.
After playing, the kittens love to climb up into the nearest persons lap and have a long nap, all in one big pile!
Lizzie has really grown in confidence she is a lot more relaxed now and loves head scratches. She purrs a lot and is nearly sitting on your lap. She has done a very good job at raising her six kittens and deserves a home that can give her a lot of love. Lizzie will be neutered spayed and chipped before adoption. The kittens are too young. If you could give this gorgeous mum or by pair of her kittens a forever home please check that you meet our adoption criteria which is own your home which has access to a garden and is away from a main road and bus route. Have or be prepared to fit a cat flap which goes into the house before the cat goes out. Be prepared to pay vet bills for 18+ years. Live within the wider Bristol area. If you meet all the criteria please give The Moggery a ring on 0117 9243128. Thanks

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Check you meet our adoption criteria:

  • Own your home.
  • Have access to a garden.
  • Live away from a main road.
  • Have a cat flap installed, or be prepared to install one.
  • Be prepared to pay veterinary bills for a possible 18-20 years.
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