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Missing Cat

A large fluffy ginger male cat wearing a fluorescent yellow collar and a disc with only the owners mobile number on has been lost while temporarily staying in Bradley Stoke. The owner is now living in Bath and is...

Happy Ending

Thrilling Thursday News Two of our gorgeous tree babies Rowan and Aspen have been adopted by a family who adopted from us 16 years ago. They are such a cute pair Rowan the tabby particularly loves to play with...

Happy Ending

Terrific Thursday News Lovely little LaaLaa and Betty have been adopted by a lovely guy from North Bristol. They are such a sweet pair of ladies who love to play and then curl up together to sleep.

Happy Enfing

Super cuties Yabba and Yoda have found their forever home in Brentry with a lovely couple. They will love the freedom to run around chasing each other and their favourite toys ping pong balls. They will then be exhausted...