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A moses basket full of kittens was left on the doorstep of Moggery H/Q in Bishopston Bristol on Tuesday evening 22nd August. Christine Bayka founder heard a loud banging and opened the door to find so many kittens she couldn’t count them. The 26 appeared to be from four or five litters of different ages. They were all filthy and flea ridden so we bathed them, gave them clean beds and divided them into estimated age groups. The oldest ones were given food, litter trays and a comfy bed the smallest were taken home to be bottle fed. This is a perfect example of things getting out of hand. Please please get your cats neutered and chipped. We have an Assisted Neutering Program to help people on low income and benefits. Please call The Moggery on 0117 9243128. If you were the person who left the kittens please get in touch so we can help you get your cats neutered. Thanks