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GREAT NEWS ARWEN IS HOME Arwen is missing from Rock Lane. “We haven’t seen Arwen since Thursday. Unfortunately Arwen (an indoor cat) went missing yesterday morning having escaped through an open window at 5am. We spotted her in our garden at around 10am, but sadly when I tried to pick her up from under dense bushes, she freaked and clambered over the fence into neighbours garden and we haven’t seen her since.
She weighs 5kg and is mostly grey with subtle stripes and white markings and is spayed and chipped. We ask that as she’s scared and skittish, NOT to approach her, but to call Fiona on 07709 736 946.Please call me should you hear any news. 

BTW she’s not the grey cat that’s been spotted at St Michael’s Primary School.”
Please check all garages, sheds, greenhouses empty houses and houses having work done. Any information would be much appreciated.