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“McDuff and Grimalkin are now Juno and Fig. (Juno is the tortie and Fig is the black). We’ve been so impressed with how well they’ve settled in and how they’ve taken everything in their stride in their new home. They both have distinct personalities already and have begun to purr, rub up on us and meow for more treats! They have incredible games of chase with each other around the house, but also love curling up on your lap for a good snooze. We’ve had so many compliments on their good nature and good looks and we spend a lot of time just admiring them! We are so grateful for the Moggery for putting us together and so pleased we were encouraged to go for two. They really bring out each other’s confidence and it’s so cute to hear them chirp to each and see them snuggle down in the evenings. Sisters and the best of friends!”😻😻