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Gorgeous Jess and her 7 babies will be ready for adoption very soon. They are at present in one of our lovely foster homes in North Bristol. Jess (Mum) top row left to right. She is an affectionate, loving cat. She a real purr machine and loves treats, ear scratches and cuddles. Murphy: Curious and loves exploring. Stevie: Bold and playful, likes chasing ping-pong balls and toys with feathers. Diego: A shy little guy who loves one on one attention, especially sleeping on a lap. Second row left to right Fiona: A little lady who will seek out attention from her siblings or people when she wants it. Alice: A sweet little lady who loves being fussed over. Theo: Enjoys hiding in boxes or tubes. Bea: A confident and lively girl, always up for a play fight. They are all absolutely gorgeous. They need to be adopted in pairs with one if the girls going with Mum. Could you give a pair of these adorable kitties a forever home. Please check that you meet our adoption criteria which is own your own home which has access to a garden and is away from a main road and bus route. Have or be prepared to fit a cat flap which goes into the house before the cat goes out. Be prepared to pay vet bills for 18+ years. Live within the wider Bristol area. Please check that you meet all the criteria then ring the Moggery on 0117 9243128. Thanks.