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The Moses Basket 26 received loving care and vet treatment from the moment they were left on The Moggery doorstep. One volunteer came to The Moggery at 7am and syringe fed the older kittens with weaning food and milk until the day volunteers arrived at 9am to take over. The same volunteer returned to HQ every evening until 10pm to syringe feed. The 9 babies I took home to bottle feed every 3 hours including through the night, appeared to be thriving but sadly began to die after the first week at the rate of one a day. Tragically the kittens at H/Q began to die also, often in the hands of distraught volunteers. On Thursday Sept 7th the last kitten a ginger and white called Jeremiah, died while being held. I believe because of the similar colouring of the kittens they were the product of generations of inbreeding between brothers and sisters resulting in them having deformed internal organs. If anyone has a neighbour, relative or friend with a multi cat household of unneutered pets PLEASE PLEASE inform them The Moggery will arrange neutering at their nearest vet at a greatly reduced price and will help with transport if they live in the Bristol area. Christine Bayka Founder/Chair.