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Vera Lynn’s kittens are 1 week old today. She is getting on very well in her foster home. She is very friendly and is a fab mother. She’s very inquisitive and wants to be wherever we are. She’s been eating a lot and feeding her kittens a lot. All four kittens are looking happy and healthy and have, on their week-old birthday, started opening their eyes (the black and white and dark tabby so far, the other two I can’t see properly to check). “ These little kitties have already got new homes. If you want to put your name down to adopt others that come in please check our adoption criteria which is own your own home which has access to a garden and is away from a main road and bus route. Have or be prepared to fit a cat flap which goes into the house before the cat goes out. Have or be prepared to pay vet bills for 18+ tears. Live within the wider Bristol area. If you meet all the criteria pease ring The Moggery on 0117 9243128. Thanks.